What’s the best hair straightener?

For perfectly styled hair, there’s nothing like a hair straightener.

To easily style your hair at home without having to make an appointment with the hairdresser, there are a large number of appliances that you can buy, including hair straighteners. As the name suggests, they will allow you to straighten your hair, or give it the shape you want. They are very easy to use and are very popular. Very common on the market, straightening irons can have plates in various materials, while the heating temperatures can also vary.Before buying your straightener, think about buying smart by buying a second-hand straightener, the price will be much cheaper and you contribute to the preservation of the environment.

How to choose your smoothing iron?

To make the right choice in terms of hair straighteners, there are several points to consider. First of all, the coating of the plates. Choose ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline, which are materials that allow an even diffusion of heat and therefore avoid damaging your hair. You should also be interested in the size of the plates of your straightening iron, because they must adapt to the length of your hair. For short hair, it is better to have a model with thin and narrow plates.For medium-length hair, use classic plates of 3 centimetres by 9 centimetres. Finally, for long hair, the best hair straightener will have very wide plates. Before your purchase, also check the heating temperature according to your capillary nature. For fine or damaged hair: between 80° and 150°. For fine to normal hair: between 150° and 170°. For wavy and curly hair: between 170° and 200°. For frizzy hair: between 200° and 230°.

Can you use your straightening iron to curl your hair?

If you use a hair straightener as a base to straighten your hair, this appliance can also be used to curl your hair. And it’s very easy to use. On dry hair, simply grab a strand and place your straightening iron 4 or 5 centimetres from the root. Then wrap the strand twice around the straightener and gently lower the appliance all the way down to the ends. Your hair will have elegant waves.


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